Bulk Schedule Pins to Pinterest

As Pinterest has been a new platform where brands are looking for broadening their social media marketing scope, brands would like to post content continually and strategically to their audience on Pinterest to drive more potential buyers to their site.

The ability to bulk schedule and publish pins has been one of the top requested features for Dash Hudson's Pinterest scheduler from our customers. How to make the process intuitive and seamless would be the core of this feature.

Allow users to be able to schedule and publish multiple pins easily and confidently.

Given the fact that Pinterest is a visual discovery platform and the content users can see in their feeds is based on their interests and previous searches, post time is not a vital factor for engagement like Instagram. But creating a bunch of pins still could be such a painful experience on Pinterest by filling in title, description and destination link fields for each pin one by one.

By digging into the use habit for publishing pins and rethink about the nature of a pin, we refined a flow that would help users to create pins with pin title, description and link fields filled in automatically.

Feature flow for creating pins by selecting images with links attached from the media library.

List view is optimized for users to be able to check and edit the pins' details easily. And the image view is for users to preview the scheduled pins before publishing to Pinterest, knowing how these pins will look on their Pinterest profiles in advance. Edit with ease and publish with confidence.

Switch between the image view and the List view.