Proposify 2.0 Onboarding Design

Converting and obtaining customers is never easy for a SaaS product. A good onboarding will be vital to help customers understanding how the product works and the value they can get from it to achieve their success.

The objective of this design project is to create friendly and informative onboarding process for hooking the new signed-up users with the value they expected in the product and also helping existing users to transfer from the old product into the new product seamlessly.

For onboarding new users, the most important part is to teach new users how to use and get value from the product. The best way to learn is to let them actually use the product by themselves with proper guides.

In this project, I worked closely with the product manager to refine the user expectation and the meaningful onboarding steps for the core features in Proposify 2.0. Several versions of onboarding flows were designed and sent out to test the feasibility and usability. And then the design was iterated based on the feedback from the user-testing till we were all confident to apply it in the product.

Onboarding flow for new signed up users.

Sign up as a new account.

Walkthrough for the proposal settings flow.

Walkthrough for the core features in the proposal editor.

Walkthrough for the sending proposal process.

After the release of new product, the existing customers will be informed and be migrated into the new product gradually. As in the beginning it will take a while for the development team to migrate customers, we designed a process to assist the migration to make sure the whole process is seamless and clear for users.

Alert for Proposify 2.0.

Waiting for the migration.

Migrating stats.